AI Platform
for Support Center

Build your self-learning Support Center easily Within 15 minutes


Bet you have the following problems

FAQ and User-guide book is always developed and never used.
80% of all the questions to support center are the same or can be found from FAQ
To solve the inquiry sooner, call operators need to speak the same thing again and again
Call operators can be allocated
These operation cost a lot!

Tata.Tunga will solve this in the simplest 3 steps:

  • Create account
  • Insert FAQ or User-guide to the Platform
  • Connect to your official web page, social media or API

Tata.Tunga not only solve the problem, but will help you to be GREAT:

  • Start answering customer questions, escalate to person if necessary
  • Continuous improvement of Product/Service/System with depth insight

Key Features

Reduce Support Center Expenses by 10x

Accelerate your response rate speed by 10x

Customers will have much better experience!

Tata.Tunga will never leave your customer alone!


US 4.5¢

per interaction

  • 6 months free
  • Unlimited BOTs
  • Unlimited END-USERs
  • Real-time Dashboard and Reports